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Jaap Mala -Manual Finger Rotating

Jaap Mala -Manual Finger Rotating

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Never lose count of your Jaap again with our innovative Digital Jaap Mala!

Everyone needs some time to relax but doing relaxation while saying God's name will make your meditation better. 
If you are a religious person, this would be your top choice when you go to the temple to pray. 
Features :
HIGH QUALITY: The prayer beads counter is made of high-quality plastic, strong and durable.
ADJUSTABLE FINGER RING: You could lock the number when you stop counting. Tally Counter Clicker-Our Tally Counter is different from others which need to be held by your finger, the mechanical manual clicker with an adjustable circle snap design, it is not easy to fall off your finger.
EASY TO USE: 5 CHANNELS: 5 different channels for more use. Tally Counter-This digital counter with 5 digit screen display, it can count number ranging from 00000-99999. Mechanically jumps with every press, press once to count once and it can easily reset to 0 by pressing the clear button on the right.
AUTOMATIC: With Statistical reading, automatic power off and the counter can be cleared to zero.
6 Benefits of Japa Meditation
1. Japa meditation reduces stress and calms the mind
2. Your heart loves meditation
3. Meditation improves concentration and focus
4. Meditation reduces negative thoughts and improves mood
5. Mantra meditation cultivates positive emotions
6. Mantras increase shakti, grit, and resilience
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