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Winter Spa Gel Socks

Winter Spa Gel Socks

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Happy feet, instant relief – experience it all with Spa Gel Socks

Cracked Heels: The socks are crafted to specifically target and heal cracks in the heels, promoting smoother and softer skin.

spa gel socks results
Natural Healing: Infused with natural oils, the socks work to deeply hydrate and nourish dry, rough heels, contributing to improved skin texture.

spa gel socks natural ingredients

Multi-Purpose: The socks offer enhanced comfort, providing relief from discomfort and pain associated with cracked and rough heels.

Helps to get rid of heel crack, dry feet, rough heel and heel wrinkles.

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How to use:

Clean Feet: Start with clean, dry feet.

Apply Moisturizer: Put on foot cream for extra softness.

Gentle Scrub: Gently rub feet to make them smooth.

Wear Spa Gel Socks: Put on the socks for 15-25 minutes.

Relax: Chill while the socks do their thing.

Feel Soft: After, enjoy super soft feet!

how to use spa gel socks

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